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Going Home
Going Home
My years slip by in suitcases I've had since I was nine,
But I don't have much to carry as I cross this borderline.
My life's been in transition; I'm not used to being mine,
But now I think it's time for movin' on.
So I sit here in this terminal as the seconds trickle down.
The departure board clicks softly as it turns my life around.
Though doubt roars through my body, I can hardly make a sound
I exhale – soon I'll be long gone.
So farewell my autumn mountains and friends I'll long to see.
Your love will last in photographs I'll cherish tenderly,
And if home is where the heart is, then my home will follow me,
But for now, au revoir États-Unis.
Now the plane coasts down the runway;
I'm caught between the lights -
I don't know the path I'm taking yet
But it's gotta turn out right.
So I'll unpack all these suitcases – I don't need them anymore.
Free space will come in handy as I walk that other shore.
And I don't need all this baggage: I've got strength deep in
:iconaillesdors:aillesdors 2 6
You're the first to call me lovely
And the last to call me yours.
Keep saying that you love me
Safe behind your bolted doors.
And baby when you kiss me
It's like Fourth of July,
But you don't say that you miss me
And you're always on the fly.
It's fireworks baby, ooh,
That brief burst of color
Fades out too soon.
What began with a whimper's
Gotta end with a boom
But they're gone before morning
Oh, just like you.
They're just like you babe.
You're like a broken faucet –
Always runnin' hot and cold.
Bought a ring but then you lost it
That's the story that you told.
And now I'm growin' weary
Of your firecracker spark:
Get lightheaded when you're near me
Then I get left in the dark.
It's fireworks baby, ooh,
That brief burst of color
Fades out too soon.
What began with a whimper's
Gotta end with a boom
But they're gone before morning
Just like you.
It's not that I don't like you;
I don't wanna hurt your pride,
But baby, if you want me
Then you've gotta, you've gotta decide
Is it firew
:iconaillesdors:aillesdors 3 20
May walks softly in ballerina's shoes,
she's a morning-glow goddess with nothing to lose,
and she's got a secret, but she can't sing the blues,
so she comes and she goes
and I wanna know what she knows.
I wanna know what she knows.
Saw her lying last night in a sliver of moon,
scent of white wine and honey and jasmine perfume –
she asked me "why are the good things always over so soon?"
'cause she comes and she goes
I wanna know what she knows!
I wanna know what she knows!
I said "May, what's this secret you've been holdin' so close,
curled up in your fingers like the bud of a rose?
Your eyes burn like cinders – they're so broken and it shows
that you come, you you go,
and God, I wanna know what you know,
I wanna know what you know."
She said "it's that first glance of wonder; it's a kiss in the rain;
it's the smell of the thunder and the taste of champagne;
it's the banner we march under and it's drivin' us insane
watch it come, let it go,
Oh they all wanna know what I know,
:iconaillesdors:aillesdors 16 17
Heavy humidity presses her bone-thin limbs into patient, breathing soil
filling her footprints with earth-soaked scent.
Surrounded by wind pregnant with round, young droplets
so similar to the dull crimson rush of false fertility that streams from her,
She wonders if she is not so different from the rain
that threatens to split the seams of the billowing black,
wanting to be born.
:iconaillesdors:aillesdors 1 2
Grass-stained kneecaps and dirty fingernails:
she, in her innocence,
catches the chorused murmurs of an ocean of cerulean
weed-blossoms and fulfills their deepest desire,
:iconaillesdors:aillesdors 4 4
Une Lamentation
I adore your dental occlusives,
your gentle vowels
your whirling, liquid r's.
My mouth pines for the softness of your phonemes,
the clarity of your graphemes,
the distinct lack of muted schwas.
Oh, I could suck you down like agua de vida,
cleansing my tongue of nasals and uvulars.
Te amo para siempre, español.
Forever. I promise.
But first I must learn German.
:iconaillesdors:aillesdors 2 13
in little ways
my tongue hummed with the music of discourse;
phonemes babbled from my cavernous mouth –
a sumptuous river of succulent sound.
I was queen of poetic smiles
and mistress of linguistic foreplay,
your match, your equal, always, (always)
Miss Emily Elizabeth Bennett,
arch, inelegant, blindingly, blossomingly brilliant.  
And I am still.
we speak the language of erasure,
conversing through the painfully present absences,
striking subtext for the sake of the commonest courtesies.
But invisible words still throb beneath the cacophony of silence,
crippling me with their indelible weight:
inflexible, prosaic, final.
And so it goes:
we resignedly flip our pencils and quietly efface ourselves out of existence,
pretending that each stroke of the eraser doesn't shred us apart.
:iconaillesdors:aillesdors 3 7
Fairy Princess by aillesdors Fairy Princess :iconaillesdors:aillesdors 0 10
Using Her
"He could see Bonzo's anger growing hot. Hot anger was bad. Ender's anger was cold, and he could use it. Bonzo's was hot, and so it used him."
~ Ender's Game
, Orson Scott Card
Her anger does not burn;
it builds, but does not blaze,
volcanic, bubbling from a bottled-up eruption.
her anger frosts warm-blooded limbs
and freezes empathy  mid-sentence,
a measured swell toward mechanical indifference.
her anger sinks its vicious fangs into her brain
and turns her ruthless, sets her free
to use those collections of cells how she chooses,
an explosion of passion bursts a hole
in her icy, logical veneer and it all escapes
with a pneumatic hiss.
:iconaillesdors:aillesdors 0 20
The Fix
Some days, I picture myself beautiful.
Here is how I fix myself:
First, I must shade myself starving,
penciling each protruding rib poking out
beneath my blemishless skin.
Next, I paint myself invisible,
slathering my limbs with artificial melanin,
softening the sharp facial curves,
smearing cupid's-bow lips with "natural" shades,
lengthening insufficient lashes,
debasing my too-transparent imperfections from existence.
Now! I plastic myself desirable,
trading my smallness for towering splendor,
recasting my rack so no part will be small
(except for my ego, my cunning, my speech).
Behold! I am glory in my naked, rewritten beauty!
I have pictured myself perfect and timeless
and fixed. Forever, fixed.
Look at how pretty I was.
:iconaillesdors:aillesdors 3 9
High Praise
One day he said to me, "I am not gold;
instead, silver – refinement is required.
Those fiery ideals I can't uphold
Will leave me gaunt, with much to be desired.
Gaudy gold implies perfection's gained
and is alone for its high value seen,
is elevated, yet at once disdained
for that mirage reflected by its sheen.
Therefore, like silver treat me as you may,
but leave the golden idols to their kind –
for you might find, one long-awaited day,
Their exultation lies within your mind."
"If you are silver, then I must be, too."
"Higher praise," he smiled, "I never knew."
:iconaillesdors:aillesdors 1 11
She's a cheap insight and a simple design;
She's a biased perception, a thin borderline;
She's got  a secret of infinite worth:
She's a runaway native of houses of mirth.
She's a modern-day martyr without a just cause;
She'll bend like a lily to everyone's laws.
She's a master of masks and of innocent guile,
But, oh, how it fails her and cracks with her smile.
:iconaillesdors:aillesdors 0 7
An Execution
Pushing past the gauzy, trembling veil of half-consciousness,
I breathe myself back into the waking world.
Before my knot-tight muscles flex, feline, in their ritual reach for the ceiling,
a lazy glance drinks him in where he sits,
nestled contentedly in the realms of fantasy,
playing General to an slovenly army of pixels.
"Good mornings" are exchanged in a pair of lissome smiles,
and I arch myself, loosening my bunched-up fibers little by little,
before my traitor eyes tug me back to him.
They've got that look again, frail, turncoat spheres,
that look that wrenches open my tough binding,
allowing him to read me,
read me down through my very first draft.
His "what is it?" spills (hap)hazardously
from half-parted lips stretched in a backward grin;
rhetoric catches me hard beneath the breastbone,
sends me reeling while my twin deserters
defect back to me. Dampened by chagrin,
they plead their wordless case feebly.
He approaches softly, his ever-radiant concern
:iconaillesdors:aillesdors 1 21
She was a being built for burgundy:
Meadowed eyes, twilit cheeks, starsheen lips
and a head threaded redgold, rumpelstiltskinesque.
She had it all –
her willowwalk, her larksong, and (ohgod) that
daybroken smile.
Ohyes. Yes.
She was built for the burgundy
that hung proud and loose from her birch-white limbs.
He'd dressed her in it, cruel Fox.
He knew what bloodblush does to girls like her.
Oh. God. Yes.
He knew.
At least she kept her daybroken smile.
:iconaillesdors:aillesdors 1 13
the let down
Once, in the transient days of daisychains,
she wore her honey-gold threads loosed
around skeletal shoulders, to flap free and feral,
caught by thin fingers of wind.
Sixth grade bound her silk-strands up tight
and tasteful at the back of her cranium,
a swinging testament to maturity:
no more loves-me-not garlands or buttercupped chins.
Now, she keeps her fraying collection of knots tamed,
tied back like a wild, desperate creature thinned and beaten
down to nothing but bare, spindly bones.
Imprisoned, her lengthening locks still remember freedom.
Still yearning to spin sunlight into the in-between spaces,
still straining to catch the scent of daisies steeped in rainwater,
they wait, breathless, for the day she'll let herself down.
:iconaillesdors:aillesdors 0 26
I beat
a miscellaneous collection of red-and-blue vessels
rushing (myself) with liquid oxygen;
I lash
laced muscles' (suffocating) corset-strings
around thin, pearly-polished bone;
I stretch
a tight pattern of nerve (wracked) hungry skin
over an arching frame;
I breathe
my body slow and deep, gasping (breaking)
from my very core and
I cry
(out) to Heaven: "you cannot have me,
I am mine."
:iconaillesdors:aillesdors 2 17


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i search for true love
in the deep, deep ocean blue
but keep getting fish
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The way to Neverland
Say there, dark sir,
would you whisk me away to neverland?
I see you, dark sir;
hiding amidst the shadows
with your crooked hat and crooked smile
and crooked cane.
Would you carry me through clouds and cosmos,
dark sir; with a leaded mind and deadened body;
I would be so . . .
Look there, dark sir,
I see the twinkle of the second star
to the right.
Hurry, dark sir!
The rising sun is at our heels, and so too
is the wrath of our captain.
I can see it in your eyes, dark sir;
this world is fading and withering with the dreams
of our broken souls; do not fret.
I could believe, dark sir,
that pixies exist and pirate ships
sail on nothingness;
foryou, foryou.
Say there, dark sir,
have you ever been in love?
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To be a woman
Not for every kilolitre of menstrual blood
lost since the month
Eve first failed to conceive
Not for the KY of every pap smear
or the weight of what's removed
in every hysterectomy
Not for the depth of every indentation
by bite mark or by bruise
would I wish
our places to be changed
:iconlifeuncommon:lifeuncommon 3 13



United States
English is my life. What else is there to say?

Current Residence: Mansfield
Favourite genre of music: Celtic, Folk, Classical, Choral
MP3 player of choice: iPod
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Favourite cartoon character: Cheetara - Thundercats
Personal Quote: Life is trying, so I'll try
I completely apologize for being so absent lately. A lot as been going on in my life and for whatever reason the poetry has just... not being coming. Which is a very sad state of affairs but I'm having some trouble fixing it. I am, however, working on another little project which is channeling my creativity, the first installment of which can be found here: I would put this up in my account but I haven't figured out how yet.

I will (hopefully) be back into full swing soon!

~ Emily
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